24th Prithvi Parva, (IRED national Meet) was organised by Gramin Samvikas Sansthan (IRED),  in the year 2016 at Akhil Bhagaya P.G. College, Ranapar, Gorakhpur, Topic of the meet was “Organic Farming: Need, Problems and Potentiality“. Prof. K.N. Singh was the Convenor and Dr. Govind Sharan Singh, Principal, Akhil Bhagaya P.G. College was Organizing Secretary of the National Meet. 

Focal theme of Seminar :
Organic Farming: Need, Problems and Potentiality.

tabspace There is a serious thinking about the real success of green revolution which has been crop selective and region selective as well as detrimental to ecology besides beinorganicFarmingg costly and so beyond the reach of the small and marginal farmers. Thus there is increasing stress on eco sensitive forming methods like drip irrigation or dry farming in semiarid region. As a matter of fact, agricultural development taking into account the peculiarities of agro-climatic conditions are finding favor in government circles. All this is reflected in the agriculture policy 2000. A new school has merged in academic circles which favors organic farming in the interest of sustainable Agriculture. According to U.S.D.A organic farming is a production system which avoids or largely excludes the use of sys\nthetic fertilizer, pesticides, growth regulations and livestock feed additives. To the maximum extent feasible, organic farming systems rely on crop rotation, crop residuals, animal manure, off farm wastes, mechanical cultivation, mineral bearing rocks and aspects of biological pest controls to maintain soil productivity and to supply plant nutrients and to control insects weeds, and other pest.

Undoubtedly organic farming is need of today for better future and sustainable development. But surprisingly this serious issue has not been discussed seriously in academic circle particularly among farmers. The proposed seminar is a serious attempt to discuss on the aforesaid theme with view point to provide input for planners, policy makers and practitioners.